Here are the leading guys and ghouls in Corpse Worm.



The hero of Corpse Worm, and a corpse worm himself, a creature who survives by taking up residence in a discarded body. He makes a living as a body broker, providing the "bits and pieces," so to speak, for paying customers such as reanimators and other such folk. Trust us, it's more respectable than it sounds, and he never takes without permission. After being imprisoned in the Boneyard for a crime he didn't commit, his life was changed forever.

First Appearance: Page 2



Diggory's enigmatic cellmate at the Boneyard. His past is largely mysterious, but most likely checkered and bloody. A man of few words, his true motives remain unclear.

First Appearance: Page 17


Percival Winthrop

The egotistical warden of the Boneyard. He oversees the largest prison population of monsters in the world, despite being a ghoul himself. Possessing a reputation for cruelty, both prisoners and guards live in fear of him and his outbursts. Funnily enough, no one has ever actually seen any of his alleged violence...

First Appearance: Page 13



 The Guildmaster of the Slayers. As the undisputed leader of the most powerful organization on the planet, it's no understatement to say she's kind of a big deal--when she says "jump," the whole world asks "how high?" Strong, confident, and ambitious, she is the figurehead of the rule of law in the world, whether that be for better or worse. And despite her blindness, no one would ever accuse her of a lack of vision.

First Appearance: Page 67


Lady Mauve

 The egotistical-yet-paranoid lady of Tombvale. A professional reanimator, she specializes in bringing the dead back to life...for a price. She also enjoys practicing her craft on her own body. Due to the nature of her work, she has become Diggory's best customer. She also happens to be the one responsible for getting him arrested in the first place.

First Appearance: Page 72